Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Phenocal?

A: The proprietary Phenocal formula is a weight loss supplement made with natural ingredients that contains several of the most potent fat burners available.* Phenocal will help you enhance the results of your current diet and exercise regimen by boosting your metabolism, curbing your appetite, and helping you maximize your performance during every workout.* Phenocal is made with premium quality, clinically studied ingredients that can suppress appetite, increase energy, and help you achieve your goals to become trimmer, more toned, and healthier overall.*

Q: Who was Phenocal Developed for?

A: Phenocal can be used by both men and women who are searching for an effective supplement that will provide a metabolism boost, stimulate a thermogenic response, reduce appetite, and promote safe weight loss.*

Q: What Ingredients are in Phenocal?

A: The special herbs in the proprietary Phenocal formulation are safe and widely known for their unique properties.* We have combined them in their optimal concentrations to create a powerful and highly effective herbal weight loss product.* Phenocal does NOT contain lab-produced chemicals, synthetic additives, or fillers. To get more information about the ingredients click here.

Q: How Many Phenocal Capsules are in Each Bottle?

A: A bottle of Phenocal has 90 capsules.

Q: What Amount of Phenocal should I Take Each Day?

A: We recommend taking three Phenocal capsules per day with water. Take 1 pill in the morning, 1 pill in the afternoon, and 1 pill in the evening with a meal.

Q: Does Phenocal Come With a Guarantee?

A: Yes, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you can simply return the unused portion in the original container within 60 days of receiving your order, and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price. It’s as easy as contacting us to obtain a return authorization number and then mailing back your bottles. To see our full guarantee click here.

Q: How Soon can I Expect to See Results After I Start Taking Phenocal?

A: Although Phenocal is very effective, you shouldn't expect miracles, and you will still need to put in the hard work to see results. The ingredients in Phenocal were chosen for their ability to accelerate the weight loss achieved through diet and exercise.* Therefore, how quickly you will see results will be greatly influenced by how well you are eating and how frequently you are exercising.

Q: Is there a way to boost the effects of Phenocal?

A: Yes! Our TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM is a two-part program that addresses two commonly overlooked issues that can make it difficult to lose weight: a dirty colon, a sluggish metabolism, and water retention. So how can you address these issues? When you choose the TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM program, you can jumpstart your weight loss with our revolutionary system that transforms your body from the inside out.* You'll feel much better and see results in less time!* To be clear, each product can deliver powerful results when used on its own.* However, when they are used together, this trio of remarkable formulas can help users achieve extraordinary weight loss results!* Get more information about the Total Body Balance System when you click here

Q: Is It Safe to Take Phenocal If I am on Medication?

A: We urge you to ask your healthcare professional if Phenocal is right for you if you are on medication or have existing health conditions before you begin taking the product.

Q: How will You Ship My Order?

A: Every order of Phenocal is discreetly shipped using boxes and plain envelopes to safeguard your privacy.

Q: What name should I look for on my credit card statement?

A: The name “IHealth Fulfillment” will appear on your credit card statement next to the charge of your order.